Green Cleaning

Below, we have tried to answer a few common questions about wet cleaning:

Q. What is Professional Wet Cleaning

A. Professional Wet Cleaning is a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative to traditional dry cleaning.  We use computer controlled washing machines, moisture sensing dryers, biodegradable soaps, softeners and conditioners, and specialized pressing equipment which makes this process safe for virtually all fabric and fiber types.

Q. Does it clean as well as traditional dry cleaning?

A. Our experience has shown us it cleans as well and in many circumstances better than traditional dry cleaning.  Every cleaning method has its strengths weaknesses.  Traditional dry cleaning removes oil based stains like food grease very well.  However, a majority of the stains in garments are water based and those come out very well in wet cleaning.

In traditional dry cleaning we let the solvent remove the oil based stains and we removed the water based stains by hand on the spotting board.  In wet cleaning, we let the water remove the water based stains and we remove the oil based stains by hand on the spotting board.

In addition, traditional dry cleaning often leaves garments with a solvent odor.  That will never happen in wet cleaning.

Q. Is it safe for my clothes?

A. While it may seem odd to clean a ‘Dry Clean Only’ wool suit or silk dress in water, the specialized equipment and chemistry make the process safe.  All chemistry is mixed in the water before the water level reaches the clothes, which is one part of the process that prevents shrinking or dye bleeding in garments that could not normally be processed in water.

Q. My dry cleaner claims to be a “green” cleaner, how is it that Carr’s is the “only” green cleaner in the valley?

A. According to the Cal/EPA and the California Air Resources Board, there are only two cleaning methods considered non-toxic and non-smog forming.  Professional wet cleaning is one method and the other is liquid CO2 cleaning.  We are the only cleaners for at least 60 miles to utilize one or both of these methods excusively.

There are solvents that offer a safer alternative to perc, but we decided that if professional wet cleaning works, why not pick the alternative that was considered completely safe.

Q. Who else is using Professional Wet Cleaning?

A. The technology was developed and proven in Europe, so the majority of wet cleaners are there.  It is gaining popularity in the United States with about 100 dedicated wet cleaners in California and about 150 across the United States.  Recently, Holland America Cruise Lines has begun converting all their traditional dry cleaning machines to professional wet cleaning equipment.

Q. What are the other benefits of Professional Wet Cleaning?

A. The benefits are many:

  • Better for the environment
  • 19-44% reduction in electricity use
  • Better for our employees
  • No solvent odors in your clothes
  • Whites stay white longer
  • Overall cleaner garments
  • Safe on beads and sequins
  • Eliminates “invisible sugar stains”